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 Intermediate Fitness Lap Swimmer 

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I love to swim, particularly in 25 meter pools. I,personally, have never been on a
swim team,but I have many friends we are on Denison or Sherman (Texas) swim teams.

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heidi David, the cooler water is at Ultimate Family Fitness, near Gander Mountain, in Sherman... as you know. I have found out that their pool is 22.?? meters long. A Pottsboro friend measured it. I go Sat. and Sun a.m. I don't seem to have your e-mail address. There is a lot of interest at W/L pool in a "pool party without a pool" in the spring. If you and your wife would like to do this, with some help with me, I will need your email address. [email protected]
7 years ago   
David Price   at 10:58pm December 12
Thanks Heide....22M is a 25 yard pool..I want to go check it out..just not sure if I want to invest in a full memebership to a fitness club . I have heard about the pool at Austin you know anything about what it takes to be able to swim there? My email is [email protected]
heidi David, you probably are on the road while your movers drive to Texas. Your best bet for lap swimming at Waterloo Pool, Denison is Mon/Wed/Fri. 6 a.m. through 9 a.m. Welcome to the Sher-Den area! Heidi
8 years ago   
heidi David,I notice talk about Snowmageddon, for Jersey and the northeast coast. We had about 4 inches of wet snow,with some white-out effect due to blowing snow ,just 8 days ago. On the other hand,today we should reach about 70 degrees,and the snow is all gone. Heidi Pottsboro
8 years ago   
David Price   at 4:41pm March 29
Yes we had a tough winter here in Jersey, we are looking forward to warmer weather so please get all the snow out of our way.
heidi David,Aspen Athletic Club in Sherman has 25 meter, 3 lane swimming pool. Their phone number is 903 813 0800. I prefer the outdoor pool in Denison: Waterloo Pool. It's 6 lanes, 25 meters, with diving well. It's also cheaper for an annual pass. The Denison Dash triathlon event comes up on 6-19-10 and it's held at Waterloo Pool. Waterloo Pool is covered with clear plastic dome and is in a heated environment during the winter. It's fantastic! Waterloo: 903 464 4475. Heidi Pottsboro
8 years ago   
David Price   at 4:41pm March 29
Thankyou so much Heidi..kind of leary of pool with only three lanes. Denison Waterloo pool looks like a better option so will check it out. Moving van comes tomorrow and we plan on moving in this Friday so I will be in touch on connecting up with swimmers at Waterloo. I have two teenage boys have to get in school next week but want to get to the pool asap...need tips on best time to swim?