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Albert Bayhi

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Skill Level Type
 Pro/Elite I exercise to maintain my health, I exercise to increase performance in my sport, I exercise for the mind/body connection, I exercise for rehabilitation 
 Advanced Beginning runner 
 Advanced Recreational surfer 
 Advanced Fitness Lap Swimmer, Open Water Swimmer 

Albert's Profile

Height 5 feet 6 inches (167.6 cm)
Education Other Education
Occupation Recreation
Diet Vegetarian diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages English

Albert's Bio

What is open water training? Who is it for? How is it used? This is a interactive multilevel training course system.This training system it self can be used at many diffrent levels and uses the worlds most through training system.1 Open Water Training this type of training helps students prepair for any water type of environment such as ocean,lake, streem,river or bay.Who can take this type of training? Anyone can use this type of training from baby and parent to ironman from water exercise to lap swimming even sport application such as kite boarding,whitewater raftting and scuba diving.How is this system used? When a person is interested and or ready all one has to do is set up there free assement to start there training the rest is up to the student to decide where thay want to go with there training.Interested students looking for adventure or training or information can start at any time this is just the beginning.

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San Francisco
Swimming Pools

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albert bayhi
albert bayhi The skate training is the first part of the surf training program . It comes before the skimboarding part .
8 months ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Welcome every one to isport 2017 ! All of the information contained in this message is intended solely for the use of students here at isport . If you have any questions please feel free to contact me thank you for choosing isport for your training needs .
1 year ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Welcome to isport 2016 ! The information contained in this message is intended solely for the use of the students here at isport .If you have any questions please contact me thank you you for choosing isport for your training needs .
2 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Wellcome to isport 2015 . Starting off the new year with some savings on the training offered at the website . There is a new block with a set of only ten lessons at the savings of only $20 off the single rate .
3 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Greettings students wellcome to . The new training program for 01 - 2014 includes introduction to water based sports . Snorkeling , swimming , kayak , bodyboarding , Scuba Diving instruction covers introduction to these water based sports . This training is only available through for more information about specialized introductional training send a text message to 1- 415 - 666 - 5566 with the text 2014 extreem sport training with isport .com .
4 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi A assessment of skills and experince is provided free of charge . At the point of becomming a student if for any reason that the training is stoped a charge of $100 for the assessment will be applied and subtracted from the refund that applys . Entrance fees not included in block or single appointments .
5 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Ok the topic is Kayaks there are many kinds on the market . You should get one that you can handle . Some are made for a special perpose . Others are simple easy to use . The one you get should be the kind that works the best when you use it. Some you sit in others you sit on . Some are made for one person others for two people . Hobbie makes a high end kayak with special fetures and Ocean Kayak makes a simple low cost verson. All safety gear should be worn and plans followed .
5 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi The kiteskate at the Marina Green is great when the winds are strong and the area is free and safe to kite skate . The winds can be very strong at the east end of the field so take this into consideration when you go there have fun be safe .
6 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi The Joe pool in North Beach hours are sat rec swim 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
6 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi The Wet suit that works out best is a 3mm full suit.This suit is about $100 to $120 dollars but its well worth the price.It will keep you warm and help you with your swim training.It goes from your neck to your wrists to the ankles.
7 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Kite flying and ground operations In this class it is a easy - to - follow step - by - step coaching program that takes a student from basic landings to specifice techniques and manageble practice exercises.Both kinds of kite systems are used from stunt kites to foil kite to sea kites.
7 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Congratulations to students that have learned KiteSkate in San Francisco ca keep up the good work.The next area for Kite Skate is Alameda ca N A S A!
7 years ago   
albert bayhi
albert bayhi Hi swimmers it,s that time again to fly and go kiteboarding!I am a PASA certified instructor that does a beginner lessons for only $35 to $45 an hour.A two hour minimum generally applies if interested e-mail me for me for times location and scheduling.
8 years ago