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Fran Brender

Fran Brender
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(Based on 25 student reviews)
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  Morning Afternoon Evening
Available: Year-Round

About the Instructor

Gender: Female
Location: Orlando, FL
Rate: $75.00/30 Minutes

I've been teaching swimming for over 30 years. I am a Red Cross Certified Instructor currently serving the greater Orlando area of Central Florida. Primarily, I teach one on one in the privacy of your pool or in neighborhood pools. The joy is you don't have to go anywhere...I come to you! I teach all ages and all skill levels with great success and excellent references. If you are fearful of the water I can help you overcome this barrier to having fun and relaxing in the water! Visit my website at

Teaching Approach
Gentle, personal and FUN!

Success stories
See my five star reviews and photos.

Age Taught
Group Size
Special Needs
Learning Disabilities and ADHD
Speech Impaired
Visually Impaired
Physical Disabilities
Mental Disabilities
Other (Autism)
(WSI) Water Safety Instructor
First Aid
Lifeguard Training
Other (Certified in basic SCUBA, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing, and spring board diving.)
Teaching for 35 Years
Swimming for 48 Years
Languages Spoken


I can travel within a radius of 25 miles from Orlando, Florida


Private One on One Lessons Packages of 8 or 10 are available at a 10% savings. Private Instruction and Semi-private Instruction: customized for your individual needs. Water Safety Demonstrations for Communities or Schools...FREE. A $75.00 deposit will reserve your times and dates and will apply toward your last lesson if there are no cancellations.


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Average Student Rating
(Based on 25 reviews)
Booking of Lesson
96% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Excellent"
4% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Above Average"
Quality of Instruction
96% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Excellent"
4% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Above Average"

World Class

By Caroline on 10/02/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
It is difficult to put into words how awesome Fran was, she was simply outstanding and in a different league to any other instructors we have seen. Her gentle calm instructions had my little boy go from being scared to get in the water to swimming underwater and picking up dive sticks in under four lessons. My husband had a life time fear of swimming and Fran had him swimming and floating on his back during the third lesson. Both of them passed the American Red Cross safety course in a handful of lessons. Fran is totally amazing, she gets in the water and maintains eye contact at all times and is so calm and patient that people respond to her. We have never met anyone like Fran before, she is definitely Orlando's best kept secret. Absolutely amazing. So much so that we are booking our next trip to Orlando around her schedule! Never knew swimming could be so much fun wish we could bring her back to England.


By Kayla on 01/25/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Fran taught our five year old son this past fall and we couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He had recently started kindergarten and both my husband and I worked full time, so Fran was very accommodating to our schedule. Our son had previously been swimming with arm floaties, but was very hesitant to try and swim on his own and would never jump in; however, Fran was able to have him jumping in on his own at the first lesson! It is hard to explain, but there is something very special about her that makes kids trust her immediately, at least that is how it was for our son. She was so extremely patient with him, caring and kept him engaged so that no matter what he was still learning something while having fun. When our youngest is old enough, we won't even think twice about calling anyone else!

Great with stubborn preschooler!

By Jenna on 08/18/2013
Booking of Lesson: Above Average
Quality of Instruction: Above Average
My 3 year old daughter had already been through the Safe Start program at the YMCA, but after several months of not swimming she was in need of a refresher course. She is very stubborn and would insist on swimming across the pool without rolling onto her back to rest and take a breath as she had previously been taught. There was nothing my husband or i could do to convince her to float on her back. Fran was very patient with her and by turning the lessons into a game she had my daughter coming up for air in no time. We did 6 lessons and now I feel that my daughter can really swim and not just get back to the edge of the pool. I would highly recommend Fran to anyone with young children or anyone who requires a little extra patience.

Simply the Best!

By Staci on 08/16/2013
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
We love you Miss Fran! Thank you for coming to our home to teach our daughter how to swim safely and have fun in the water. We appreciate your patience and positive feedback. And your lollipops :) We will continue to recommend you to other folks who want to learn to swim.

Highly recommended

By Persaud on 06/05/2013
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Fran gave me adult swim lessons and succeeded where others had failed. She was very patient and accommodating- she never pushed beyond my comfort level and was a calming force that helped me conquer a lifetime fear of water. I am very grateful and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Great teacher with a great heart

By Matt on 02/01/2013
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I learned a lot of things from Fran. I had to increase my ability to swim in a short span of time. She worked great with my schedule and helped me with all the questions I had. I'm a relatively quick learner, but the things that I struggled with she was very patient with. She has a great personality and a phenomenal ability to teach!

Awesome Instructor

By Diane on 09/15/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Fran taught me how to swim! I can't believe I am now a swimmer. I nearly drowned as a child, so I was always afraid of the water. Fran calmed me down and showed me how to be safe in the water. For me, she was a miracle worker.
I highly recommend Fran to anyone who wants to learn.

Excellent Instructor!!!!

By Laura on 08/25/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Fran is a great instructor! My daughter 2 1/2 was afraid her first few lessons but Fran was so good at calming her down. She was great with my daughter, very calming, patient and soothing. We did about 13 lessons and she is swimming awesome! She can swim underwater across the pool and pick up her swim sticks from the bottom. My daughter looked forward to Fran coming for her lessons, she made each lesson fun. My husband and I were amazed how much she learned with each lesson. She was always on-time and communicated well with us. I highly recommend Fran, she is great with children. We will be using Fran for our younger daughter as well. Very happy we found her!!!!

So glad we found Fran!

By Casey on 04/21/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I am 30 years old and now know how to swim, words I thought would never be able to be applied to me. Fran is a for sure God send to my family and I. If you are an adult and have a fear of water or are looking for a kind and proficient teacher for your kids, Fran is the one for you. Her years of experience shine through in each lesson. My 3 year old, 1 year old and I loved her from day 1. My kids drew to her like family:) She has many creative ways to get children to calm down and have fun while learning life saving skills. We were all amazed at the things we were learning and it sparked in us a love for swimming. We are so thankful for Fran and the experience we had learning from her.

Excellent Swim Instructor

By Susan on 02/16/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Fran is a wonderful swim instructor. She has a great demeanor with children and my son loved swimming with her. She will do whatever necessary to accommodate your location and schedule. She has a very calming presence and it was always a pleasure to see her. I highly recommend Fran for any of your swim lesson needs.