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Liz Coleson

Liz Coleson
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Available: Year-Round

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Gender: Female
Location: Arlington, Virginia

The Swim Whisperer-- Learn to swim - tame your fear of water or tame your stroke with the swim whisperer. Swim easier and longer distances with the (TI) --Total Immersion way. Great for triathlete training even if you are a beginner triathlete. Learn to confidently swim nearly any distance in nearly any body of water. Swim lessons for Children and Adults of all ages from non-swimmer through Olympic distance triathlete swim training techniques. Teaching Self Rescue techniques for infants and toddlers. I will travel to home, apartment, condo or community pools year round. -- Prices -- 4-30min private lessons $360. -- 8-30min private lessons $615. -- 4-30min semi-private lessons $460. -- 8-30min semi-private lessons $820. -- lesson fees include pool access fees for scheduled lesson time at Yorktown HS Pool & Washington-Lee HS Pool in Arlington, VA. References available upon request. Lesson packages expire 3 months from date of purchase. Note: 48 hour notice required for cancellation or rescheduling a lesson to avoid being charged for the missed lesson. There are no refunds on lesson packages. FALL/WINTER lessons- at Arlington county, VA pools year round . --SUMMER 2017-- I will travel to your pool. I will teach at your condo, apartment, backyard, and community pools. Taking reservations for summer spots starting Jan. 2017. Summer spots fill quickly.

Teaching Approach
Students must build a trust with an instructor in order to learn effectively. Water safety skills are a must to be safe in and around water.

Age Taught
Group Size
(WSI) Water Safety Instructor
First Aid
Lifeguard Training
Other (Total Immersion Instructor (TI) American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI))
Teaching for 29 Years
Swimming for 40 Years
Languages Spoken


I can travel within a radius of 20 miles from Arlington, VA


private one person 4-30 min lessons $360.. private one person 8-30 min lessons $615.. two people (semi-private) 4-30 min lessons $460.. two people (semi-private) 8-30 min lessons $820. Lesson packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.


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Average Student Rating
(Based on 49 reviews)
Booking of Lesson
90% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Excellent"
2% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Average"
8% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Above Average"
Quality of Instruction
98% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Excellent"
2% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Above Average"

Fun and challenging, confident building swim lessons

By Marianna on 01/23/2017
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I am very grateful to have found Liz. I had tried 4 instructors in the area without success. Liz had my child and her friend swimming in 4 lessons. We have had so much fun watching the children develop and build more confidence each lesson.
With challenging but fun lessons my child can’t wait for lesson day. They have learned safety skills and are now working on swimming strokes with real technique.
I am so impressed with the patience and knowledge Liz possesses.

Finally my child progresses!

By Dan on 08/18/2016
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I enrolled my child in a county class over a year ago and sadly she did not get any better in fact, she became more fearful of the water than before she started. She threw a fit before each county lesson and I was beside myself as we went to our most recent class and she needed to repeat the same class for the third time.
I found Liz through a North Arlington Mom's list serve and she came highly recommended. I now know why! She is a very knowledgeable instructor and was able to get my daughter’s confidence back and teach her to swim in only 8 lessons.

Never too old to learn swimming

By Matilda O. on 02/12/2016
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I am so glad to find Liz. I am 73 years old and never learned to swim but always wanted to learn. I figured I was too old but my doctor said I needed a low impact activity since my joints were taking a beating. I signed up for lessons with Liz and learned the balance and efficiency of the freestyle stroke and the side breathing. Liz recommended a special type of small swim fins to strengthen my leg & joint muscles. Now my quality of life is so much better. I can do more activities and walk the dog for an hour with no problem and feel better all day. I just don’t know why I waited so long.

Building confidence in his life as well as his swimming

By Madie on 09/28/2015
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
My neighbor recommended Liz and I am so grateful. My son was fearful of going under the water. He had gone through many group and private county lessons without success and had developed an anxiety towards even seeing a pool. I took him to Liz for a lesson and he actually said he had fun at the end of his first lesson. We have now had many lessons my son is very comfortable in the water and has learned many self-rescue and life skills. I now see my son’s confidence come through in other aspects of his life as well as his swimming.

There is no price for a life

By JR on 09/15/2015
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Both my children took lessons last summer with Liz and now enjoy the water so much more that the previous summer when they were both terrified due to our canoe flipping over in the Potomac river. Liz taught my children to tread water, swim safely and also educated them on what to do when their boat flipped over. My oldest now a swim with a local swim team and my youngest is a confidant swimmer and can tread water for 10min. Swim lessons with Liz was a life changing experience and a much-needed skill. You cannot put a price on a life. I am so glad I found the swim whisperer!

Building confidence, style, and speed.

By Chuck on 06/14/2015
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Liz is a very intuitive instructor. My child learned skills to improve his swimming this winter and was able to try out and successfully be chosen to be on our summer swim team. Liz has the ability to analyze a swim style and change it gradually to improve style, endurance and speed. My son was so excited to be selected for the development swim team at our division 1 summer swim team. I cannot believe the change in his confidence level. Time and money well spent!

Elementary skills Conquered.

By Garret on 11/08/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
We live in Arlington county, my daughter’s elementary class goes for swimming week with her class. Last year she was in 3rd grade and was mortified and was in tears when she had to prove she could not swim well enough to go into the deep end in front of her classmates. This year I signed her up for 8 lessons with Liz before her 4th grade swim week and Liz was able to teach her freestyle, backstroke, and treading water working with her in the shallow water building her confidence and then swimming across the deep end as well as jumping into the deep end. We are so pleased with the results and my daughter can’t stop smiling about how proud she is with her own swimming.

Calming effect on children.

By Stewart on 09/28/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
My family had a great experience after I signed my children up for swim lessons with Liz. My children were nervous about being in the pool in water over their heads. After swim lessons with Liz, my children are now confident happy swimmers.
She had them calmed down and laughing in the first lesson. I was surprised when my son did not cry after going under water as he had done with every other instructor. Now the children love going to the pool, even in the winter.
Thank you Liz, truly she is the swim whisperer.

Eye Opening Experience.

By Sam on 09/13/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Lessons with Liz have been eye opening. I have been doing Triathlons for 6 yrs and my swim has not been my strength. I get faster on my bike and run but my swimming not so much until I took lessons with Liz. My balance, technique, and endurance has improved tremendously in the last 5 months thanks to Liz’s drills and skills training. I know I cannot watch myself swim and have now learned to correct my form and feel when timing is off before my technique goes awry. I know this year I will be ready to crush the swim in the Ironman Lanzarote.

Very Worthwhile.

By Facsil on 08/12/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Liz is a remarkable swim instructor. I have taken 12 lessons and have learned many survival skills to prepare me for my scuba certification. Liz taught me breathing skills to increase my lung capacity and help me relax in the deep water. This is the best investment I have made in a very long time. After all, my life has no price tag.