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Stacy Young

Stacy Young
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Gender: Female
Location: New York, NY
Rate: $100/Hour

I believe anyone can learn to swim. Don't wait another day with fear of the water. I can show you the way. I'll be there every step of the way to educate, motivate, and to support you. It's time for you to take step-by-step actions toward your goals and don't let your fears hold you back. I will help you create a completely personalized roadmap that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

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(WSI) Water Safety Instructor
First Aid
Other (Holistic Health Coach)
Teaching for 7 Years
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I can provide a location in New York, NY

I can travel within a radius of 15 miles from New York, NY


Semi-private (2 people) rate is $150/hr My rate to travel to your pool is $120/hr


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Average Student Rating
(Based on 27 reviews)
Booking of Lesson
93% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Excellent"
7% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Above Average"
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100% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Excellent"

Phenomenal Instructor - Highly Recommend!

By Danny on 05/25/2016
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy Young is an outstanding and fantastic swimming instructor.

When i first started my swim lessons, I came in with a downright fear of the water due to a near drowning accident I had some years ago in a canoe. I had no prior experience in swimming before. However, i wanted to get over my fear and decided to take lessons.

At first it was tough, but what I liked about Stacy's style is her patience, skill level and understanding of my situation. She made a program where I was comfortable with - and we followed it at my speed.

I went once a week for several weeks. Over time, I was able to learn how to breaststroke, tread water, float backside up, swim multiple laps in shallow and deep water along with many other techniques. Some of which can be life-saving.

It was not easy for me but Stacy was there all the way giving me good instruction as what to do. I overcame my fear with her guidance. Now I very much like to swim and love to go in the water as many chances as I get!

So if you are looking for a swim instructor - no matter your level - I highly recommend to not search any further. Stacy is the best at what she does.

Phenomenal swim instructor

By Jenn L. on 11/24/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
stacy is an incredible swim teacher, and learning how to swim with her has been a life-changing experience. she gave me a confidence in the water that i never dreamed was possible. by the end, swimming became about so much more than just swimming -- it was about overcoming a lifelong insecurity (and embarrassment) about my abilities as a swimmer.

i started as a beginner swimmer with a fear of the deep end of the pool, and in three short months (20 lessons in total, 2 lessons per week), i learned how to do five swim strokes (freestyle, breast, side, elementary back, back) and how to tread water. stacy was excellent at breaking down each stroke to its component parts and laying the foundation for successful learning by not advancing in a stroke until the prerequisite parts were done properly. she was able to explain clearly and concisely how the various movements we make with our body affect how we interact with the water. she kept our lessons fresh and interesting, so i didn't ever get bored and was continuously challenged.

stacy embodies everything one would want in a swim instructor: knowledge, patience, and compassion. she was my #1 fan and advocate and never doubted my ability. her encouragement and belief in me was contagious, and i couldn't help but believe in myself with her unwavering support.

Talented, Committed, Patient [***] Understanding

By Megan on 11/19/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
When I met Stacy a couple of years ago, I put her business card in my back pocket and said "one day." I'm 32 years old, but I had never learned to swim because, as a child, I had a near-drowning experience that made me terrified of deep water. This past summer, that "one day" arrived, and I decided to face my fears head-on, with Stacy's help.

We only worked together once a week for two months, but during that time frame, I was able to overcome my fear. I started out, literally, having episodes of panic, hanging on to the side of the pool, tears forming underneath my goggles. And by the end, I was swimming freely in deep water with no kickboard, no swimmies, and no fear whatsoever.

Stacy was extremely patient with me. Although I acted as fearful as a 3-year-old child might, she was never condescending. She always encouraged me to move forward, even when it was the LAST thing I felt like doing.

When I made mistakes, over and over and over again, she just kept me going, helping me to be understanding with myself in the process. She taught me some valuable basic skills--i.e., how to float, how to swim, how to deep-dive, and how to breathe--but what I learned most from Stacy was that I needn't be afraid.

Stacy is a warm, kind-hearted instructor. I loved working with her, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Helped a non-swimmer survive the NYC Triathlon!

By Anthony N. on 08/14/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I had optimistically signed up for the NYC Triathlon without being a proficient swimmer, and because of some injuries, a job change, and other life events, wasn't able to really pin down swimming in the year I had to prepare for it. With less than three weeks to go, I frantically looked for a private swim instructor and recalled that I had met Stacy at the pool I had frequently used for teaching myself to swim.

I practiced intensely with Stacy and found she was a patient and competent instructor. Even when I would get frustrated and fed up with swimming, she kept her cool and optimism. She also made sure to be holistic about instruction, teaching me about stretching and muscle relaxation as well as both the freestyle and breast stroke.

Three weeks later, I made it through the NYC Triathlon. It wasn't a pretty performance (and is perhaps too much to ask for to learn everything in only 3 weeks), but Stacy's instruction gave me the confidence to take on the triathlon without concern. Though there were other athletes that used the lifeguard kayaks, I was confident and determined enough to make it through unassisted and was able to successfully do so and complete the triathlon without any help.

I hope to take Stacy's instruction and further develop my swimming ability, and am confident that I will succeed given the strong foundation she has given me.

Thanks Stacy!

Excellent swimming instructor

By Mark W on 01/01/2014
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy took me from zero skills to becoming at first comfortable in the water, then competent at treading and swimming several different strokes. She is patient, supportive and attentive to detail. I’m very happy with these swimming lessons.

Stacy is also flexible in scheduling and proactive about informing her students of when the pool will be closed. She’ll suggest alternate pools in such cases (though sometimes these rec centers don’t always let us know what’s going on ahead of time).

Highly recommended.


By DOMINICK C on 10/17/2013
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy is a great instructor very patient and insightful. Stacy was very intuned to my needs and identified my specific problems and areas to improve on immediately. When I first started my lessons kicking and my breathing held me back from being able to swim in a fluid motion. Stacy helped correct these issues with some drills and exercises in a calming and encouraging manner. I am now able to swim more confidently and for a much longer period of time. Appointments were easy to arrange and she was able to work around my schedule. I highly recomend Stacy for a beginining swimmer or a more advanced swimmer who wants to improve their techniques.

The perfect instructor!

By T.S on 12/16/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I've been trying to learn how to swim for a pretty long time. I took swimming lessons in college but I had no luck with other instructors. Stacy is by far THE BEST! I wish I had found her sooner!! She's very patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. After my 4th lesson I was able to swim freestyle! I also noticed a huge improvement in my breathing and confidence in the water. Each lesson is pretty fun and leaves me super excited about swimming. I will definitely be back next summer for more advanced lessons! Highly highly recommended!!!

Excellent swimming instructor

By ycm on 09/22/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy is an excellent instructor. She says anyone can learn to swim and she totally means it. I was able to get over my fear of water and learn to swim at age 35. She had a clear cut lesson plan for me. It took a lot of time for me to get comfortable in water and she patiently taught me each aspect of free style swimming. Thanks to her Im now able to swim many freestyle laps. As a beginner it is very easy to pick up bad form/techniques that could hurt your body. She gives excellent tips to make your swimming easy and effortless. She stresses the importance of using high elblows, proper arm movement and using core muscles more than the lower legs.
I'm a long distance runner and thanks to Stacy swimming has now become a great healthy cross workout additon. She recommends specific core/yoga workouts to improve the overall strength and flexibility.To me it has helped immensely to improve my stroke. I used to struggle floating up in water especially day after I run. Now I really look forward to swim after long runs. Stacy is now helping me learn treading and diving in deep water and also pick up butterfly and breast strokes. I'm a slow learner but I have a patient instructor to help me. I would recommend Stacy for any one who wants to learn swimming.

Fantastic Instructor!

By K. G. on 09/08/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy, thank you so much for your patience, and for teaching me the necessary skills to get me swimming again. Couldn't have done it without your expertise! Such a fantastic instructor who ensures that you perfect the right technique! Hopefully, in the near future, we can once again get in the water, and continue to build on what I've learned thus far. Thanks again for such fantastic sessions!

GREAT Instructor

By Linda on 08/27/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Stacy's AMAZING! She's patient, knowledgeable and an overall great person. I've learned so much from her. More importantly, I've built up my confidence in the water. I'll definitely go back for more lessons soon!