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Laura Schrengohst

Laura Schrengohst
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Available: Seasonal
Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

About the Instructor

Gender: Female
Location: Burleson, Texas
Rate: $35.00/30 Minutes

I have been teaching swim lessons for about 18 years now. I live in a neighborhood with a small community pool. I can also travel to you to teach at your pool, or community pool.

Teaching Approach
I use a varied teaching approach. I use what I know from Sports Psychology, and from my original training in The Red Cross Swim Method and combine them to form my own approach. I believe the fundamentals are very important for beginners. Learning proper breathing and front glide/front crawl are my first focus. I generally add on after front crawl, and back float are mastered. Back crawl, then Elementary Backstroke Kick, Dolphin Kick, then a Kneeling Dive, Full Dive, then Breastoke, and into to Butterfly, and improved Front Crawl and Back Crawl Technique.

Success stories
I am proud to have many success stories. I enjoy and have success in teaching both young children, older kids and adults of all ages. I was fortunate to learn to swim at an early age, and have enjoyed recreational swimming for many years.

Age Taught
Group Size
Special Needs
Learning Disabilities and ADHD
(WSI) Water Safety Instructor
First Aid
Other (I am a certified Elementary Teacher, and also have a Physical Education certification.)
Teaching for 18 Years
Swimming for 45 Years
Languages Spoken


I can travel within a radius of 18 miles from Burleson, Texas


I will teach group of 2 or more for a rate of $25 a lesson each, if you sign up for atleast 6 lessons (for 30 minute lessons) I will also offer a discount on private lessons at a rate of 6 for $$175


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Average Student Rating
(Based on 5 reviews)
Booking of Lesson
100% of Survey Respondents said Booking of Lesson was "Excellent"
Quality of Instruction
100% of Survey Respondents said Quality of Instruction was "Excellent"

Great Instructor for Non-Swimmer

By Mrs. Pick on 04/27/2012
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
My nephew, who is afraid of water, has been taking lessons from Laura for the past two years. He is only here for about 3 weeks in the summer, but he has taken lessons 2-3 times per week for the past two summers. Seeing the vast improvement in his technique and his lessening fear of water is wonderful. I thank Laura for her patience and perseverance in keeping my nephew focused and on track. It also helps that half of Laura's pool is very shallow, about 3 feet, so he felt comfortable and was able to stand up in the pool.

Last summer, my nephew was jumping in the deep part of the pool (never thought I would see that!) and swimming across the width of the pool. ! I think if he had just two more weeks, he would have learned to feel totally comfortable.

He will be here all summer this year and I know he will FINALLY learn to swim and not be afraid. Laura is a good instructor and worth the price.

Children's swim lessongs going great!!

By Francisco on 08/29/2011
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
Our childred (ages 5 and 3) began taking lessons with Laura this summer. We have been very pleased with the progress they have made and with Laura's patience and ability work with them. Especially our 3 year old son who was very scared the first lesson, and now he looks forward to swim class each week. We would highly recommend Laura.

Wonderful Swim Instructor

By Kim on 09/20/2010
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
We came to Laura after a bad swim lesson incident and she has made a world of difference for my son. I feel like I can let him go with his school in the spring to Hawaiin Falls without being terrified. She's also been so kind to my youngest and even though he won't take lessons and get in the water because of the incident, he's at least putting his feet in the water and can see that not every swim instructor is mean, which is a huge step forward for us.

Thank you Laura!

Finally at Ease in the Water. . .

By Christie on 05/20/2010
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent
I have learned so much from my lessons with Laura. She is an amazing instructor. Laura is patient and makes you feel at ease in the water. Her lessons are informative and demanding at times. I have progressed tremendously under her instruction. Thank you Laura!


By Shirey Matteson on 07/24/2009
Booking of Lesson: Excellent
Quality of Instruction: Excellent