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Aquajets Backstroke Scooping
Added: 6 years ago.
Views: 3068
01:45 - Streamline position in swimming is the fastest and most...
Added: 4 years ago.
Views: 2884
Added by: Alex Yatsko
Underwater footages of the great freestyle swimmers. Take a look at the catch. You...
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2836
If you're going to learn a great breaststroke kick, why not go to the best. Roque
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2674
Ryan Lochte demonstrates various drills that he uses for his training.
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2630
The essential teaching video for coaches, learn-to-swim instructors and parents. Use...
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2600
Some of the top swimmers from the Sierra Nevada LSC made a recent visit to the...
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2584
When sprinting in a competitive butterfly stroke swimming race, hold your breath and...
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2310
03:47 - For more advice about swim caps and TONS more...
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2266
Swim faster by improving your Early Vertical Forearm position with Revolutionary...
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 2210
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