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Swimming Videos

Learn To Swim

01:45 - Streamline position in swimming is the fastest and most...
Added: 4 years ago.
Views: 3120
Added by: Alex Yatsko
2.5 year old swimming through the pool and the most important thing, she is not...
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 3117
Added by: Silke Prelog
This video gives you a good look at how to complete the zipper drill.
Added: 6 years ago.
Views: 3068
05:22™ announced today an innovative new patent-pending approach to...
Added: 6 years ago.
Views: 2985
Added by: Tom Cross
Here's Step #2 in our 5-step sequence for learning the flip turn. Even if you already...
Added: 9 years ago.
Views: 2978
Underwater footages of the great freestyle swimmers. Take a look at the catch. You...
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 2913
Several angles of Ryan Lochte's superb backstroke
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 2737
Ryan Lochte demonstrates various drills that he uses for his training.
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 2722
No, I'm just kidding around, but shout outs to my real swimming instructors, Lauren &...
Added: 8 years ago.
Views: 2661
Added by: Rick T
Rebecca Soni, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, goes over the breaststroke kick
Added: 7 years ago.
Views: 2636
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